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Regulatory Approvals by Canadian Government Agencies

Instituting new products and services to the Canadian market represents a challenge for business. CANENTEC has the experience and credibility to guide your company through the process. Our staff can help navigate through the regulatory maze; certain products require approvals from more than one agency before distribution and sales in the Canadian market.

Clients introducing processes requiring the use of microbes non-indigenous to Canada or novel chemicals will require registration under CEPA (Canadian Environmental Protection Act. A submission would consist of demonstrating that the introduction of these products will cause no environmental hazard. Other organizations have looked to us for assistance with submissions to various sections of Health Canada including PMRA (Pest Management Regulatory Agency), for registering novel pesticides and herbicides. We have worked with clients seeking approvals for novel agricultural products, such as fertilizers and animal feed, resulting in submissions to the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency). Our staff has negotiated successfully and in a timely manner for the necessary permits on behalf our clients.

CANENTEC clients include food producers, agricultural organizations, chemical manufacturers, and biotechnology companies. Our experts develop a compliance plan that will facilitate regulatory approvals efficiently, conduct risk assessments of novel products or processes and set up testing protocols to scientifically support your company.

The introduction of new processes and products necessitates working with Government so that they fully understand your products or processes. CANENTEC overcomes potential hurdles and facilitates the regulatory acceptance process.

Case Studies:


The company is the largest manufacturer of corn starch and corn syrup in Canada. Corn gluten meal is a by-product of corn processing and CASCO is the largest manufacture of corn gluten in the country. Although the primary market is animal feed, the gluten has properties as an herbicide and fertilizer. As an herbicide, corn gluten meal prevents sprouting seeds from developing normal roots. CANENTEC staff was instrumental in obtaining the necessary permits from PMRA (Pest Management Regulatory Association) to market corn gluten in Canada both as an herbicide and a fertilizer.



GTC Nutrition, a subsidiary of Corn Products International, licensed Japanese technology to produce natural prebiotic fibers. These products deliver numerous health and technical benefits to both animal and human food formulations. A new plant for production of this novel fiber was built in Ontario. CANENTEC experts assisted the client in securing all necessary governmental approvals from Health Canada's Bureau of Chemical Safety and NHP (Natural Health Products) for the use of novel enzymes.

Ed's Purely Organic

This Canadian company is focused on the marketing and distribution of organic and natural pesticides in addition to fertilizers for domestic and commercial applications. CANENTEC registered their product with PMRA (Pest Management Regulatory Agency of Health Canada) under the novel pesticide program. In partnership with Ed's Purely Organics, CANENTEC developed fertilizers that will be subsequently registered under CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency).

Plasma Company

A private Canadian waste gasification and energy generation company based in Ottawa has proprietary technology to convert municipal household, commercial or industrial waste into green power and other valuable products.

CANENTEC in partnership with SENES obtained the necessary permits for this company for the introduction of novel microorganisms used for the removal of Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) from their process. The registration of the use and release of novel microorganisms falls under the jurisdiction of CEPA (Canadian Environmental Agency Protection Agency), a joint government agency between Health Canada and Environment Canada.