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Cleantech and Renewable

Cleantech and Renewables and Clean Technologies in Latin America

Latin America presents both a challenge and opportunity. To ensure success, your organization must have local representation, be cognizant of language and cultural climate as well as the specific environmental regulation and engineering requirements. Unfamiliarity with any of these criteria may represent barriers to your company's success.

CANENTEC has affiliates in several countries. Our organization offers a team capable of bridging the gaps in operating practices between North and South America.


ADEPRO SA is based in Buenos Aires and specializes in water treatment systems. They offer engineering services for sewage treatment, water purification and industrial waste remediation.

Working with SENES, ADEPRO completed the local research for the Air Quality Action Plan for Buenos Aires. This study involved collection of air samples to measure stationary emission sources that were contributing to the degradation of air quality in the city.


Gurovich and Associates (GYA) have more than 20 years of engineering experience in telecommunications and regulatory project evaluation. Most recently GYA have expanded their expertise to include climate change and renewable energy projects by establishing a partnership with CANENTEC and SENES. The latter has also been involved in evaluating environmental impacts of the Chilean mining industry, aquatic studies, ecological risk assessment, statistical processing of environmental data as well as bioremediation and radiological reports.


Quimica Wimer S.A. is a Mexican company, dedicated to the treatment and processing of hazardous wastes. Licensed for industrial waste collection and recycling, Wimer has the ability to recover, treat and distill numerous solvents as well as oil products. Canentec, jointly with Quimica Wimer, have developed technology for the production of biofuels using used cooking oil in Mexico and are currently exploring the use of other feedstock for the production of biodiesel.

Case Studies:

Landfill Gases Flaring and Waste to Energy Project in Mexico.

This project involves the complete implementation of a Landfill Gas capture system and its conversion to energy. Several million tons of municipal waste are accumulated and more waste is accumulated every day. CANENTEC, in conjunction with SENES, is providing consulting services to a Mexican operating company to generate and market carbon credits resulting from the capture and destruction of methane gases generated at the landfill site.

SALT (Sustainable Aerobic Landfill Technologies) Inc.

CANENTEC and SENES were instrumental in the export of this Canadian technology to Chile. The process is unique in that it is based on a closed loop system, utilizing a sophisticated procedure that saved millions in management, disposal and cleanup costs, as well as significantly reducing insurance expenses. The SALT method enhances the natural aerobic decomposition of organic waste, by ensuring carefully controlled introduction of oxygen and moisture, thus preventing the processes that form the unwanted chemicals and foul the air.

PCB Destruction

Polychlorinated biphenyls or PCBs belong to a category of compounds designated as Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs). Under a global treaty known as the Stockholm Convention, all the 151 signatory countries have made plans to eliminate these and other chlorinated chemicals. Canentec was engaged by Kinectrics to determine the extent and size of inventories of PCBs in Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Colombia. Kinectrics is marketing its full range of services for the destruction of PCBs in several countries around the world.