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BDT Biodiesel Plants

Biodiesel Technologies (BDT) of Austria manufactures the CPU 1000 capable of producing 8,000,000 Liters of biodiesel per year. The system is designed to run 24 hours a day and fits into a 20 ft standard ISO shipping container. The system can generate biodiesel from vegetable oils, animal fats, or used cooking oils.

CANENTEC is pleased to represent Biodiesel Technologies in Canada. We can offer a complete consulting solution for organizations planning to produce their own Biodiesel. Our services include plant sizing, feedstock acquisition, training and marketing.


The most important issue facing biofuels is feedstock. CANENTEC has affiliates and partners throughout North and South America capable of providing these necessary materials which are both cost effective and environmentally responsible. Examples of feedstock include beef tallow, yellow grease, canola, palm or soybean oil, sugar cane, as well as the non-food feedstock for biodiesel, Jatropha.


CANENTEC personnel have extensive experience in the ethanol field. Their personnel were the primary investigators for laboratory and pilot scale studies in ethanol fermentations using amylolytic and cellulolytic yeasts plus their by-products. Members of our staff were involved with the genetic manipulation of yeasts for the purposes of broadening the spectrum of fermentation capabilities.

Case Studies:

Major Petroleum Company

CANENTEC conducted a study for a major Canadian petroleum industry considering production of biodiesel. This study included strategic acquisition of feedstock, production facilities and integration within their existing systems.

Several growers and vegetable oil producers in Mexico, Argentina and Ecuador were identified as potential partners and suppliers of feedstock for the Canadian company, with a view to expanding oil crushing facilities and entering into local biodiesel production opportunities.

Mexican Biodiesel Feedstock

CANENTEC is working along side a consortium of partners to cultivate Jatropha curcas, a tropical non-edible oil plant in Mexico. Jatropha has the advantage of being drought resistant and several variants can produce high yields of vegetable oil. While the Mexican variety of this plant is less toxic than those grown elsewhere, it is not a product used for human consumption and therefore does not compete with otherwise arable farmland.

Better Beef Company

Since animal fats are the by-products of the meat processing industry, CANENTEC was asked to investigate the viability of using beef tallow as a feedstock for biodiesel production in Ontario, Canada. A practical approach for the utilization of these by-products was ultimately incorporated into their operations.

Biofuels Opportunities For Producers Initiative (BOPI)

Working with the Victus Energy Partnership, CANENTEC has designed and developed on-farm biodiesel technology which utilizes vegetable oil as feedstock. The unit models the economics and true cost of Canola based biodiesel production and is adaptable to other oil sources. A full commercial unit is currently being completed.