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Canentec Inc.
68 Maxwell St
Thornhill, ON Canada L4J 6X8
phone: (905) 764-8129
fax: (905) 764-2881

Canentec Environmental Solutions

The World is rapidly embracing the implementation of Renewable Energy Production and Biofuels that will slow down or reduce the effect of Global Warming and the resulting deterioration of the Environment.

Canentec is proud to help catalyze these positive changes in attitudes and actions of Global Organizations, Governments and Corporations that will hopefully result in a better world for our children and future generations.

We have established our credibility in the realm of Biofuels and accumulated vast experience in all aspects of production, feedstock sourcing and marketing of biodiesel and ethanol.

Canentec has identified strategic partners in Canada and overseas to pursue the development and the transfer of renewable technologies and environmental practices from Canada to Latin American countries.

We work with our clients to develop and to formulate novel organic and natural products with our combined knowledge of novel food processes, agricultural and chemical products working alongside the applicable legislation and regulations governing these products in Canada.